Organizational Support

Blue Key can help your organization by providing expertise and experience in;

Funding applications

We can compose funding applications for you for small and large applications for whatever you need – core costs, capital costs, specific projects. We charge by the hour and you are given copies of all materials composed at the end.

Also, we can review your funding applications and, if applicable, make suggestions for improvement. We charge by the hour for this service and as with the above we provide an estimate of the time taken and will work to your constraints so that you will never spend more than you wish.

Charges are from £30 to £50 per hour and as examples recently one organization spent £37.50 on having an application reviewed and suggestions provided and recouped £10,000. Another spent £120 and was awarded £4,000 using Blue Key’s suggestions.

Funding Sources

Using a funding database we will discuss with you your criteria for funding your organization or project and will conduct a search. A simple search will give you a raw list whereas a more detailed search we will remove all those funders who will not likely fund your undertaking. Searches can take thirty minutes to two hours depending on the number of initial possible funders.

Business Planning

A business plan is a vital document for nonprofits in this time of lower funding and greater competition (including from the private sector) for that funding. The statutory sector wants to increase the number of non-profits delivering services and for this they require a professional approach.

Blue Key can work with your staff, management and volunteers to bring together a plan for your organization’s future. We can do this by; training on business and project planning, facilitating at away days and planning sessions (providing a neutral sounding board), conducting training needs analyses, SWOT and PEST analyses and composition of the business plan.

Project Evaluation

Blue Key can take your data and conduct an independent evaluation for your project or assist you in preparing monitoring and evaluation end of project reports for your funder.